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freighter voyages


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Freighter voyages provide passengers the opportunity to sail in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. The ships offer a renowned high standard of onboard facilities. A reputation based on many years of tradition.

Freighter voyages provide many unique attractions over that of air and passenger ship travel.

Regular scheduled sailings to world wide destinations. Year round voyages to Africa, Australia, Caribbean, Europe, Far East, the America's (North and South) and even to the South Pacific Islands.

cape townsouth pacific islands

Hong Kongpanama canal  

Limited number of passengers - no more than 12.

Care free in a first class environment.

Bulk cargo ship


Onboard purchases such as wine and tobacco are at crew rates with savings of up to 70% compared to on shore prices. That's true DUTY FREE!!

Passengers enjoy the wide expanses of the ship.

Save between 55% and 80% on published cruise ship fares.

Modern fleet of fast and efficient cargo liners.

container ship

cargo ship