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All freighters that carry passengers are operated by reputable and long standing European shipping lines. Safety and security are of the highest importance!
Below is a selection of different designs of ships that have passenger accommodation.
Click on a picture to enlarge.
All ships are professionally staffed. The officers hold highest level of sea going qualifications.
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Large Container Ship

115,700 dwt. Container capacity 7,668 teu's. Their size prevents them transitting the Panama Canal. They operate on the China to Europe or USA trade.

Medium Sized Container Ship

37,500 tdw. Container capacity 2,700 teu's. They are employed on global routes.

Small Container Ship

4,984 tdw. Container capacity 547 teu's. They sail mainly in northern European waters including the Baltic


In the past they were often called "Banana Boats". They are designed to carry chilled cargoes such as fruit. They are now mostly employed on the Caribbean trades.

Multi-Purpose Ship

Due to their flexible cargo handling equipment they sail to areas with limited port infrastructure such as the South Pacific Islands.

Bulk Carrier

"Bulkers" are designed to carry large break bulk cargoes such as wheat, coal and iron ore. Their schedules are subject to change at short notice.

Short haul RoRo

They operate mainly in northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Long haul RoRo

44,988 dwt. They sail from Europe to the west coast of Africa or east coast of South America.

Public Service Ships

There are several ships employed by government agencies that allow the carriage of passenger. They include coastal survey vessels and reseach ships.